General Overview of Android and Application Developement on Android

“Hey i just got a new iPhone” – this line is not “cool” anymore, and if you don’t know why, i have a news to break. If you do not know about Android and are living in this world, there is definitely something wrong with you (or maybe not). Android has been rapidly growing since it was launched back in 2009, and currently... more →
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SmartPhone Credit Card Readers – List & Advantages

Smartphone credit card readers are set to revolutionize the way we buy & sell goods. They allow customers to pay by credit card all over the world in places where installing traditional readers to existing cash register systems is not viable. Say you’re on holiday in a remote location and you come across a quaint little store... more →
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HOW TO: Lower cPanel Memory Consumption/ Usage

The amount of memory a VPS has can determine how fast the sites that are hosted on it will load. At the same time, you can have a VPS with very low amount of memory, and still run a full site, and have it operate very fast. It all depends on how the server is configured, and how much of the memory is being occupied. In this blog... more →
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