11 Ways to increase Pageviews

If you are  looking for ways to publicize your articles and drive more page views, which in turn will be counted as a page impression, then this post will help you. Before we jump to that you have to know what is a page impression or a page view. In a website or blog when you move to the other posts/pages of the blog or website from your landing page then that would go as a page view.

These page views would also help you in getting page impressions and in turn ad impressions as well. For example, if you have two ads in a page that you happened to visit, and if you have viewed two pages in that website or blog, then you will be counting two page impressions and four ad unit impressions.

Here are the powerful ways to increase page views/ impressions

1. Make Your Sidebars More Inviting:

One of the best things you can do is make your website appear clean, easy to navigate, and professional. You will not want to load up the side bar or header of your website with ads. You should instead, put thinks such as links to your other pages, blogroll, archive and maybe a tag cloud if you are operating a blog.

2. Keep Your Ads to a minimal:

You can of course contain advertisements on your pages, but dont over due it. For example, if you have ads on your sidebar and header, do not contain in content advertisements. Users find it annoying and will not want to continue browsing your website if they are bombarded with annoying ads.

Golden Rule: “More Ads less Page views”

3. Use Page View Analyzing Tools:

Things like Google Analytics, Woopra, or any other website analytics tool tells you the pages customers are visiting, how frequently, and the amount of time they are spending on that page, these tools are vital to find out what kind of information brings customers to your website.

4. Speak Through Other Means With Good Content:

If you are not writing intensive technical things on your blog, then is good that you add a few relevant images and charts, which will push the reader to come back to visit your page. The image that you tend to use should tell what the whole story is about! With this secret in hand, you will find that images are more powerful as they invite readers skimming and spanning through the search engine results will try giving a click to view the other pages.

5. Write Killer Titles:

When you are writing titles, the thumb rule is to keep them short, not more than 15 words and make them attractive by giving a hint that what will be the article about. Write titles that are focused on the central idea of the article. Titles that are catchy, in general ends with a question or an explanatory mark. Other ways of making titles interesting is to write in short using slangs to tell the reader what to expect from the entire article. Ultimately, you are going to relate this article to some of your older posts also these titles will pull the readers to click other titles present in the sidebar widgets.

6. Remove Unnecessary Links:

It is good to remove unnecessary links or limit the use of other blog links at the bottom of the article and in other place where your users are more probable to drift away to some other blog.

7. Internal Linking:

Use your older related posts and link them to your current article by using keywords and phrases. This will also make your article optimized for search engines and also will increase the number of page views in total.

8. Use Your Article Power:

Stand in the shoes of the reader and write articles, this is a golden rule again. Write series articles, and leave this as a clue to the reader so that you will be better able to convey the next series of article, giving no time boundaries and the reader of the first article will be tempted to come back again to your blog, there by an increase to your visitor page views.

10. Highlight Your Key Posts And Categories:

As you will be writing one or more killer articles, then see to that you publish them in the key area of your blog and highlight or group them together. This way you can see a drastic change in the number of page views.

11. Add A Search Function:

Never forget to add a search option in your website as this way you are going to get more number of page views.

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