How To: Setup Android Mail with Exchange Server?

After attempting to find out how to setup my android with my company’s corporate email server, I finally figured it out, and it was not anywhere near as complicated as I originally thought it would be. When i was trying to setup Exchange mail, I first searched for a free application to see if there is an easier route then setting it up manually. Unfortunately, there was no application, but manual setup was just as easy as getting an application.

I spent HOURS trying to do something that should of took at max 5min, none the less, I did get what I needed to get done, done. In this blog post I am going to discuss how to setup your company’s corporate mail server with your android (Yes, so you can check your work email from your phone). Some of the information that is required for the setup may need to be obtained from a system administrator/manager.

The first thing you need to do is

1.Find the “email” link on your androids home screen, from there, click on corporate mail.

2. You will then need to insert your email address (such as

3. Next, click in the area you put your password into, type the password in that you use to log in to your email account.

4. The next section ask for a domain name. This is not what you think it is, it is not your company’s website, instead is the domain of the network that you are on (the domain of the active directory). This is the piece of information you will most likely not know, and you will need to speak to someone whom does…like an administrator.

5. You will then click next, it will attempt to connect with the suppled information, but, it will not work, it will ask you for the server name (Domain) of which your email is hosted will also need to get this information from someone whom knows it.

Once you have got all the information that was needed, you should now be able to access your email right from your android. If it still does not seem to work, or has a type of error that says “server not found” or similar, unchecked the box that says “use secure connection”. If the server does not have SSL installed on it, then it will not let you connect using the secure connection, thus, your phone will not pick up on the email exchange server.

Thats all, all should work fine.

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