MySpace information Compromised – Confirmed

MySpace has came and gone, and most of us have not visited the website in years, yet, a lot of us have not deleted our profiles. This leaves all of the information on the website vulnerable to hackers. MySpace has changed hands several times since the days when we all used it. MySpace new owners, Time INC, has been alerted that a large set of stolen MySpace user-name and password combinations have been made available for sale on a large scale hacker forum.

The information is said to be several years old, however, and it is said that it is information from the platform prior to June of 2013. At that point the site was relaunched to enhance security. So the information that is really at risk here is the accounts have been established prior to June, 2013.

The new owners of MySpace, Time INC, has not confirmed how many user names and passwords were included in the compromised data, but a report from a website called “LeakedSource” says that there are over 360 million accounts that are involved. Each of these records are said to contain an email address, a password, and in few cases a second password. – Roughly over 427 Million total passwords are for sale.

We take the security and privacy of customer data and information extremely seriously—especially in an age when malicious hackers are increasingly sophisticated and breaches across all industries have become all too common,” said Myspace’s CFO Jeff Bairstow, in a statement.

Even though the information was stolen or compromised several years ago, the size of the compromised information is very notable. Sophos, an anti-virus company, states that this could be the largest compromise of all time. Topping off the 117 million LinkedIn emails and passwords that surfaced online from a 2012 hack.

MySpace has also confirmed that the hack has been compromised by a group by the name of “Peace”, they are a Russian cyberhacker. They are the same group that hacked linkedin and Tumblr, but when these companies were hacked, the encryption that was being used was much stronger and tougher to decrypt, then the information that was taken from MySpace.

Even though the data is old, many people use their same password over and over again all over the internet. So it is likely that the passwords that have been compromised can give hackers access to the consumers personal email, banking information & other online accounts. For this reason, TechJunkie writers recommend changing your passwords on a frequent basis & not use the same password for every website and/or application that you use. That way, when things like this are compromised, it doesnt give access to the most important things in your life — your money, private pictures, etc.

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