MSI MPower Z77 Motherboard + NVidia GTX 670 Hackintosh Guide v2.0

Alright Folks, after a long research on the internet, and a little bit of trial and error, I finally installed Mac OS Mountain Lion on my MSI MPower motherboard. This is instructions for my setup. However, these instructions are very similar with other setups as well.

My Setup:

i7 3770K Ivy Bridge CPU
MSI MPower Z77 Motherboard
Corsair Vengeance 16 GB 1600 MHz Ram
Gigabyte nVidia GTX 670 OC 2GB Card
250 GB Samsung SSD For Windows
1 TB Western Digital 7200 RPM HDD For Data
750 GB Seagate Hybrid Drive 7200 RPM For Mac

Whats Working:
Everything Except WiFi
Really Stable

What Was Tested:
Display and Graphics Card
DVI Port
Sleep (This is a common problem in most hackintosh setups)
Sound Card
Generic DVD RW Rom
USB 3.0

So it was a pretty easy build once i figured out what to use. It is running stable and i haven’t had a problem since i installed it. Here is the required materials for the setup:

[a] One Blank CD
[b] One USB Flash Drive (8GB or Larger, External Hard Disk works too, thats what i used)

Another computer running hackintosh or macintosh (Macbook or iMac etc) or Snow Leopard Installation Disk (You can download the ISO from the internet and put in in a blank CD)
[d] Ethernet Cable Connection (Wired Internet) or WiFi Card that works with hackintosh (Optional but highly recommended, This one  works:
[e] Mountain Lion update downloaded from Mac Store or Internet


Part 0 = Flashing Hackintosh Compatible Bios (Required!)
By default there is a part of bios that MSI has locked for security that needs to be unlocked or hackintosh will have a kernel panic. We need to flash a modified bios with that part unlocked. This is not going to affect windows at all.

  1. Go to and download the patched bios for MSI MPower Z77. No need to use the old version on that website, i made a patched version of the latest beta bios and it runs stable. Download it here.
  2. Go to to download the tool (You will need an MSI Forum account)
  3. Use to tool to load the bios on the USB from [b] using “Point to BIOS Archive” option on the usb flasher tool. Then reboot to your USB and flash the bios. Make sure you have OC Genie off and remove any overclocking before flashing or you could permanently damage your board.
  4. Plug in the usb, reboot and boot to the usb and flash the modified bios. To boot to the usb, keep pressing F12 till you get to a menu where you can choose where to boot from, choose USB. This is how you are going to boot into devices throughout this guide from now.

Part 1 = Installing Snow Leopard
Skip to Part 2 if you already have another computer with you that is running mac or hackintosh (friend’s computer etc)

  1. Go to bios and change the SATA settings to AHCI (This is done by default on MSI MPower Boards so you don’t have to worry about this if you haven’t messed with this before)
  2. Download iBoot for IVY Bridge from tonymacx86 and burn it on the Blank CD from [a]
  3. Now insert the iBoot cd in your computer and boot to iBoot. Once you are in iBoot, remove the CD and insert the snow leopard cd from
  4. Boot to snow leopard install cd from iBoot. When it loads, go to Utilities->Disk Utility and erase the disk you want to install hackintosh on with default settings, but you can choose whatever name you want.
  5. Install Snow Leopard.
  6. After installation is finished, do not press restart. Remove the snow leopard CD and insert the iBoot cd again. Then press restart and boot to iBoot CD again.
  7. From iBoot CD, choose the hard disk where you installed snow leopard and boot to snow leopard.

Part 2 = Preparing Mountain Lion Installation
If you have another mac, just follow these instructions on that. If not, just follow these instructions on snow leopard that you just booted into on part 1.

  1. Buy Mountain Lion upgrade from mac store or download it from the internet and put it on /Applications
  2. Download and extract zip file. If you are trying to use a pirated version of Mountain Lion you downloaded from internet (which is highly not recommended xD), use version 1.5.3 of unibeast (Download 1.5.3:!1g8CwDLZ!OFuLkm8LtczQfcLCYQfSc37mqbw43NyJ_rzsSmduHlQ)
  3. Use unibeast to put the mountain lion update on the USB Flash Drive from [

Part 3 = Installing Mountain Lion
Now since we have a installer disk, all we need to do is install it.

  1. Connect the installer USB we made on the previous step to your computer.
  2. Reboot your computer and boot to the USB. Choose installer disk on the   menu that shows up.
  3. After installer loads, go to Utilities->Disk Utility and erase the disk where you want to install mountain lion. (If you did part 1, choose the disk where you installed Snow Leopard and erase it. Don’t worry we won’t be needing snow leopard anymore)
  4. Install Mountain Lion.
  5. After it is installed, while rebooting, boot to the installer usb, but this time choose the disk where you installed mountain lion.
  6. After it loads, follow the setup instruction. It might give you some crap about iCloud and stuff, just skip that.

Part 4 = Post Install Setup
Now since we have a basic version of Mountain Lion booting, its time to set it up so that it works with all the accessories and peripherals of the motherboard. Don’t skip this part or your hackintosh will not work.

  1. Go to Apple Logo->Software Update and update to 10.8.2 (This is the latest version currently, but things might change by the time you are reading this, if you feel like a newer update might screw things, just skip to step 3)
  2. You will have to reboot after you install the update. When rebooting, boot from the installer USB and choose Mountain Lion again. You will boot to OS.
  3. Now download MultiBeast from tonymacx86. Open it and choose the following things only (Do not choose anything else, this is important. Don’t install boot loader because we are going to install Chameleon on later):
    1. UserDSDT or DSDT-Free Installation
    2. Drivers & Bootloaders > Drivers > Audio > Realtek ALC8xx > Without DSDT > ALC 898
    3. Drivers & Bootloaders > Drivers > Network > Realtek – Lnx2Mac’s…..
    4. Customization > Boot Options > GraphicsEnabler=No
  4. Press next and install it. The ethernet driver installer will pop up at the end. Install it but don’t press the reboot button. Just leave the window open.
  5. Now download the latest version of chameleon installer from and install it with default settings.
  6. Download Chameleon Wizard from, open it and change settings to the ones shown on the picture below (full size) and save it9w288Ua
  7. Go to the second smbios tab and press edit. Choose one of the pre made smbioses and save it. You can close the app now.
  8. Download KextWizard from and download and install this kext. This will fix iCloud login issues.
  9. Now press the reboot button on the window we left open at 4.
  10. It is safe to remove the installer USB at this point.  This time don’t try to boot from the usb, instead boot from the disk where mac is installed. Its most likely that you will get boot0 error. To fix this, use this guide and reboot.
  11. Follow this guide: to install the bluetooth drivers.
  12. After installing drivers, turn the computer off, turn off the power from the back or disconnect power cable, press the power button, and wait 5 second. This is to reset the bluetooth adapter. Turn on the computer and boot to Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Congratulations! You just installed a fully working version of hackintosh in your computer. I have been using hackintosh on this setup for a while and i have been dual booting windows 8 and mac os. My initial plan was to use windows for everything and mac to just test stuff out, but after seeing how stable the system is, i decided to make mac os my primary os and use windows just for gaming. Its running rock solid and I’ve had no problems at all so far.

Warning/Information: I have installed 2 different updates to my hackintosh after i built it already, and have had no problems yet. Except for one little thing, the audio will stop working. To fix this, just use MultiBeast and install just the audio driver and reboot.

Windows Multiboot
So after some requests, i thought i would make a little guide on mutibooting windows with hackintosh on this board (though it should work for most boards).


With Multiple Hard Drives


  1. Install windows if you haven’t already on one drive.
  2. Install hackintosh on the other drive.
  3. Go to bios. Then go to Settings > Boot > Hard Disk BBS Priorities and choose the Mac disk as the first disk to boot.
  4. Then when you boot, just choose your mac disk for booting into mac, and windows disk for booting into windows. If you have windows 8 instead of 7 on the other disk, make sure you choose System Reserved instead of the windows install disk to boot it.

With Single Hard Drive Multiple Partitions (Not Guaranteed)

  1. Install Windows first and make one extra partition for Mac OS.
  2. Format the other partition as mac journaled from disk utility of the mac installation usb and install mac.
  3. After bootloader is installed, you should be able to choose your operating system at the beginning.

Happy Hacking People! Don’t forget to let me know how your setup went on reply below. Thanks!

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